Easter Island / by Emily Kaplan

Before we landed our pilot did a fly by so we could get a great view of the island. We were greeted with leis and taken to our first Moai site. The hotel I stayed in was like staying with long time family friends…a great place but sadly no view of the water…instead I could see the plane on the runway as I walked to the main house. The flora was beautiful! If you’re a horse lover you would be in heaven on Easter Island…they say there are about 4000 horses roaming around. You would see them everywhere…on your way to breakfast, in town and hanging out at the airport. One of our hikes led us right by a big group of them…a really great view of them by the ocean. You wouldn’t believe the color of the ocean down here…pretty much the same colors of an Aqua Fina bottle…but stronger…and truly spectacular!

We visited several Moai sites and on the last night our photographer, Bob Krist, took us to one of the sites for some night photography. The weather and skies were perfect. The funny thing about going out to this site was there was a guy there who had read an article Bob had written about painting the statues with light on Easter Island and was there following it to like a great recipe. We got some nice twilight photos of the Maoi statues. What a great night!

The next morning we got up early…which isn’t anything new on this trip…and headed out for one last great view of the island. I’m so glad this place made the cut…if you every visit Chili…you should definitely take a fews days to explore Easter Island!